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Collection and use

To operate the page, some basic information is collected that is used for error analysis and for statistical purposes - for example, the IP address or call time. These are only stored for a short period of time and then deleted. In addition, they are not merged with other data.

We use session cookies to ensure that the page functions optimally. The ID contained in it is then processed by the server when the page is called repeatedly. You have the option to decide whether or not to allow these cookies - the browser provides you with these options in its settings. However, we point out that these settings can affect the full functionality of our website, which is why we recommend a cookie permission distribution in your interest.


This website uses Google Analytics, a product of Google Inc. ("Google"). This service uses cookies. These are stored on your computer and at the same time collect data about the use of our site. For purposes of analysis, this information is encrypted and sent to Google's server - the servers can also be located abroad (often in the United States of America). In order to ensure your anonymity, the so-called IP masking procedure [_anonymizeIp ()] is used, in which the IP address is already abbreviated on the users end and then sent anonymously to Google.

On our behalf, this information is evaluated by Google to analyse the websites usage and website activity. The already anonymous IP address is not merged with other data from Google. As with the cookies we collect, you can prevent the creation by the above-mentioned browser settings. Or block the data collection by setting this opt-out cookie.


We reserve the right to change this data protection statement at any time.

Parts of this disclaimer are from: eRecht24 Disclaimer